Friday, 26 September 2014

x-image-processing a image processing package for node.js



a simple image upload and processing module in node.js
and this image processing module under development but all time it usable
So hope this library help someone like me.

this module just cooked and i know this is not better test but i will try to give more better test so if you have any idea and suggestion so you can write in comment  i will be thank full for me
this image processing inherit from node gm package but this is more usable and simple and easy to use

Any ideas are appreciated.
follow bellow link


  • image crop
  • image resize
  • image upload


By default:


npm install x-image-processing --save

How to use

this module use is so easy just require module and call function
        xip.upload(<raw file data>,<upload path>,<file name>);//image upload
        xip.resize(<upload path>,<width>,<height>);//image resize
        xip.crop(<upload path>,<width>,<height>,<X>,<Y>);//image crop


Here i have give you a simple i think it will help
  var xip=require('x-image-processing');
  //raw file data(product_pic is file field name)
        var product_image=req.files.product_pic;
thank you for comment ~