Saturday, 2 August 2014

how install python with django and mysql

this is my first blog i dont know how i will start but i will try my best

and today i will start blogging on python when i have start, first of I don't know where i will start and how i will start then i got a framework, this is nice and it is a python best framework and it is a DJANGO

and today is sunday no office, no trafic, no train, no boss and no nothing just free, anything i can do.

python and linux is the best combination, i thing it's cocktail.

so now quetions how start python with django first you need a python in your system so

goto terminal and type:

$sudo apt-get update

$sudo apt-get install python

it will take few second and now you have python for test you can type


then open python command prompt

next you need a database , and i choose mysql it's nice database engine and so follow bellow link it a nice intruction for install mysql

after mysql instaletion you need framework so open your terminal and flow bellow command

 $ sudo apt-get install python-django

You can test your installation by running this command:

$ --version

now you have complete your formalities for your cocktail(python and django)

best of luck